Bail Bondsman

What is a bail bond?
A monetary guarantee for the court that a defendant will appear each and every time – AND – on time – they are ordered to do so while their case is pending. Bail is set according to a schedule agreed to by the Judges or Magistrates having jurisdiction over that particular criminal charge. Several points are considered regarding the arrested individual. The charge filed, their prior arrest record, history of family violence or any type of prior sexual related charges. If the person charged poses a danger or further threat to the community and is the person considered a flight risk.
The magistrate that presides over the initial bail and arrest hearing may also place additional bail conditions on the person arrested including but not limited to lowering the bond amount, raising the bond amount and/or declaring a ‘no bond’ if the arrested is found to be on parole, probation or has a criminal case pending.
How much will bail cost me?
The cost of bail varies depending on the type of charge; criminal, city warrants or Justice of the Peace warrants, offences committed and the severity of such offence.
Do I need collateral?
Collateral is very rarely necessary. If you have a concern that collateral might be needed it is best to speak directly with an agent at Action Bail Bonds.
What can I put up for collateral?
Anything with sufficient resale value, that you own. Real estate may be put up based on equity, motor vehicles that has no outstanding value or any items greaten than the amount of the bail posted, the cost incurred should you flea or not appear for your next court date.
What if the person I bail out does not appear?
The court will issue a warrant and notify us of the failure to appear. We will assist you in either reinstating the bail with the court or surrendering the person back to custody. If we are unsuccessful, the court will demand the full amount of the bail.
Why should I use SA CRIME CHECK Bail Bonds?
Because we handle all of the above situations in a professional, courteous, and expedient manner. We can almost always find a way for you to be financially able to handle such an un-planned situation as needing bail usually is. We will spend the time to help you figure out collateral to fit the needs of the bond. If something happens and the person you are sure of in the beginning does not follow through and go to court, we have network of agents nation-wide that assures a quick apprehension in almost all cases.
What should I expect when someone is arrested?
When someone you know is arrested or you suspect the person has been arrested, please call us right away. However, please be aware it might take hours before information is found on the person. It is not unusual for the book-in process to last several hours; typically six to ten hours.
If the individual was arrested for a criminal charge they will be issued a CRIMINAL CASE  number. Or if the individual was arrested for TRAFFIC VIOLATIONS  they will be issued an arrest number. If the individual calls you please ask for the number as it speeds the process to gather information for you.
Where is the person taken when arrested?
Where a person is taken once arrested depends on a variety of factors. One factor is the charge: is it a TRAFIC VIOLATION  or a criminal charge? Another factor is who the arresting officer is employed by, SAPS, SECURITY FIRMS, METRO POLICE or even a member of the public. What happens if the person arrested is an illegal immigrant or a foreign national or not registered with a passport or ID book in South Africa? Once the individual is processed they will be interviewed to determine their legal status.
How is an arrest made?
A law enforcement officer must obtain a arrest warrant before taking a person into custody. However, a law enforcement officer, Security Firms, any member of the public or any crime fighting entity may arrest a person without a warrant only if:
•    There is probable cause to believe that the person committed an offense; and
•    The arrest falls within one of the exceptions in Criminal Procedure, ACT 51 of 1977
•    Or a criminal act is committed in the presence or view of any of the above persons.
What are your rights if arrested?
The police officer making the arrest is required without unnecessary delay, but no later than 48 hours after the arrest, to take the person arrested before a magistrate. The magistrate is required to inform the person arrested of:
•    The accusation against the person arrested and of any affidavit filed therewith.
•    The right to hire an attorney.
•    The right to remain silent.
•    The right to have an attorney present during questioning by law enforcement or a prosecuting attorney.
•    The right to end the questioning at any time.
•    The right to request a court appointed attorney, if the person arrested is indigent or cannot afford to hire an attorney.
•    Should a company or any individual want to become a BAIL BONDSMAN he/she or the company can make direct contact with the SA CRIME CHECK offices to first register and obtain further detail relating to all and any applications on how to proceed with the process.
•    A person or company applying to become one should have a clear criminal history or obtain a full police clearance certificate to register with SA CRIME CHECK BAIL BONDSMAN ASSOCIATION
•    He/She or the company should show proof that they are financially strong enough to carry such bonds and be able to make payment when a bond is posted.
•    Such persons or companies must stand personal surety and give to SA CRIME CHECK BAIL BONDSMAN ASSOCIATION  some form of collateral and cede over such assets for the period they are registered as a BAIL BONDSMAN with us to ensure their status with us.
•    All applications should accompany a surety ship and co signer to facilitate their application and to determine the success of such application.
•    They must be able to provide us with a full financial history for a period of three years and a full tax clearance certificate from SARS
 What is the benefits of becoming a bondsman?
•    Becoming a BONDSMAN is the same as making an investment with any other financial institution, the only difference is that here you control your money/investment yourself and not some agent you do not know.
•    SA CRIME CHECK BAIL BONDSMAN ASSOCIATION  will provide you with a list of bail applications on a weekly basis, you do not need to just post bail for someone within your city or towns jurisdiction, you can become active in any other regions of your choice.
•    All bail bonds you post for a person is paid directly to the courthouse in form of a BAIL BONDS CERTIFICATE and only becomes payable when that person’s bail is granted, think of it as a promissory note until the cash has to be made available to the relevant courthouse.
•    Your bond will be worth the value of the bail required by the court with a 20% return per month on your bail posted for the duration of the court case.
•    You decide which bonds you would be willing to post, no hidden clauses, no endless phone calls to get your money back, and no one can claim your bail bond back from the courthouse without a BAIL RECEIPT which is issued to you directly when you post a persons bail.
•    The person/s for which you post bail must complete an application prior to you posting his/her bail with any courthouse to secure your bond, giving you the undertaking and required guarantees before posting their bail, securing your money.
•    All relevant applications and documentation will be filed and filled in by a trained professional from our offices leaving you with no or little effort to start making money.
•    Upon registration with us you will be given a unique number as well as a name of your choice to identify you with all relevant courts within South Africa, meaning that all bonds you then post will be under that name and all bail receipts will be made to that name so you can claim it back after the case has been finalised.
What should I know before posting a bail bond?
•    All court cases do not take the same time to be finalised, some cases are withdrawn immediately when a person appears before the magistrate or judge for lack of evidence, some at the next court appearance, and some can go on for a period as long as 2 years.
•    You are fully backed up by the  SA CRIME CHECK BAIL BONDSMAN ASSOCIATION
•    Should the person you post the bail for not meet his next court appearance or abscond and run away, the bail bond then gets recalled by the court and a new warrant of arrest is then issued for that person.
•     SA CRIME CHECK BAIL BONDSMAN ASSOCIATION  will then instruct the BOUNTY HUNTERS to trace, track and apprehend that person and either aid them to repost the said bail or present them to the court on the next said court date, or arrest them and take them to the nearest police station for processing, once that happens you will forfeit 10% to cover the costs for the  BOUNTY HUNTERS to pursue such person, however in this case we will then enforce a claim on all that persons guarantees and collateral he gave you before posting his bail and he then loses all rights to such assets.
•    Either way, your investment will be secure and the bond will be reissued under your name.
How much money do I need to get started?
•    The more bail bonds you issue, the bigger your investment will become, this means that you have a choice on how many bail bonds you would like to issue and how many persons you would want to bail out of jail.
How much money will I make in becoming a bondsman?
•    That all depends on the amount of bonds you issue and how many persons you bail out and what the value is of the said bail for each person.
•    Below is an example of how it works and what you can earn now or in the long run,
  • R500.00 BAIL AT 20% WILL GIVE YOU R100.00 P/M RETURN
  • R1000.00 BAIL AT 20% WILL GIVE YOU R200.00 P/M RETURN
  • R5000.00 BAIL AT 20% WILL GIVE YOU R1000.00 P/M RETURN
The above should give you a clear example of how much you can make depending on the amount of persons or bail bonds you post every month, another example: 20 BAIL BONDS/PERSONS AT R500.00 BAIL EACH P/M = R2000.00 PROFIT and so you can decide how much bail and bonds you want to post.